”Hej hej,
Here a little salut from Haakon (10 weeks, 9.5kg). 1250 km away from Romelanda but very happy and healthy.
Last sunday it was Qvissla Hedeforsens birthday (11years) and a lot of people are in the house. Haakon wasn’t stressed. He knows a few first commands, his name and he went clean, but he doesn’t accept a ”nej” while Qvissla gets feeded. I have to close the door and play a while with him, till the old lady is ready. Mostly he like to play with me and his baby teeth.
Haakon visits his veterinary and he like him. In 10-11pm Haakon fall into a deep sleep next to my bed till 5-6 am in the morning. Then I take him out to piddle (thanks for the summer).
Now my wife and my sons are gone for three weeks in rehab. Haakon, Qvissla and I miss them. I try to teach him to be alone in the house for a few minutes and it seems to be o.k. Haakon went to his blanket and lays down. Bra hund.
So it’s nice to hear from his brothers and sisters next time.
Vi ses
Christian, Haakon and Qvissla”=

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  1. Marita

    Är detta Qeyas syster månntro? Måste det väl vara? Lika som bär är dom.. 🙂

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