Hedeforsens BjuckThis is the short story about Hedeforsens Kennel
Elisabeth and Reino Oskarsson breed German Shepherd for the Police, Swedish Military and to people who train and compete with there dogs.
Hedeforsens Kennel started in 1975 and has delivered approximate 500 trained and “ready-to-work”-dogs to the Military, 100 dogs to the Police.
And there are more to come!

Elisabeth has had dogs, all her life. But she got serious in 1993 when she joined Svenska Brukshundsklubben (SBK) and learned more about dogs.
Today Elisabeth is an instructor, mental describer and test leader. She is an expert in training dogs with special needs.

Reino train people and dogs, together. He is judge for dog mental tests, instructor, mental describer and test leader. And among other things Reino is also a teacher at “Hundtjänst” and chairman of District West at German Shepherd Club, Sweden.
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Hedeforsens KennelEmail info@hedeforsen.se
Gömmet 110, 442 92 Romelanda, SwedenPhone +46-303-222021